The harder I work the luckier I get!


This month’s Alumni in the Spotlight is:

Roxi Holmes

Roxi Holmes

Roxi Holmes

Illinois Valley High School


Southern Oregon University

BS - Criminal Justice; BS - Psychology


In a word, College Dreams is amazing.  I am honored and feel genuinely lucky having been a part of the College Dreams family.  Thinking back to my experiences as a student, I remember feeling constantly supported and encouraged.  Being in middle school when I joined, the idea of college seemed like some foreign place that didn’t actually exist.  With Monet's guidance, I was able to identify long-term goals and a realistic way to meet them.  College Dreams impacted my life in ways much larger than learning to save for college and fill out scholarship applications.  It was reinforcement about how to believe in myself and have the confidence to succeed even when it felt like all other factors were working against me.  Being a part of this community still empowers me to this day.  Teaching students how to commit to bettering themselves and the world around them is not an easy task, but College Dreams has managed to succeed in doing so time and time again. 

Since graduating from Southern Oregon University, I have spent time living in Alaska, working with a Youth Advocates Agency.  Going full circle, Monet was the one I called when I needed that last reference to get the job!  I am currently living on the East Coast, working in the court system and exploring some graduate school options.  I applied to the Peace Corps last September, and am anxiously waiting to find out if I will be headed to Fiji to serve as a Community Health Empowerment Volunteer in a few short months.  It’s true what they say, the harder you work, the luckier you get! 

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