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This month’s Alumni in the Spotlight is:

Elissa Matthews

Elissa Matthews

Elissa Matthews

Illinois Valley High School


Oregon State University



College Dreams has been an important part of my life from high school through to well after graduation. In high school, College Dreams was a very useful and helpful resource that helped me gain skills in applying for scholarships and keeping important aspects to life in college in mind. In specific, Quin Collins became a big part of my life in helping me make important decisions that nobody else around me understood well enough to give me input on. She aided in my initial decision to start college at a community college that was close to home where I got through my first two years of college debt free. Quin was also a huge help when I couldn't figure out what to do as my senior year as an undergrad came to an end, as it seemed like there were too many decisions to make in such a short time.  As the summer after my graduation has come about, I decided (with Quin's help) to take the opportunity to do an internship doing swift fox camera surveys in the panhandle of Texas. I am there for 4-5 months gaining experience in the field, and will hopefully gain important resources and friends while I am there as well. In the mean time, College Dreams is helping me with figuring out my next steps in my student loans, and aiding in other resources to use when figuring out my next steps. I am really open to the idea of doing more field work, but am also interested in looking into opportunities in the forestry program, wildlife images, and other animal programs somewhat close to home. I am very thankful for all the help I have gotten from College Dreams, and look forward to our continued connection over the years. 

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