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This month’s Alumni in the Spotlight is:

Katie Mena

Katie Mena

Katie Mena

Phoenix High School


Portland State University

Psychology, WoLanguage: Spanish and TESL Certificate


I first learned about College Dreams my sophomore year of high school when I was called in for a meeting with Brenda. As a sophomore in college, I cannot imagine not ever being a part of College Dreams. Throughout high school, College Dreams not only offered financial support for things like my Advanced Placement courses, but also support for so many different aspects of my life. Every Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting with Brenda and Jen to work on my resume, scholarships, and program applications or simply to talk about how things were going. Wednesday soon became my favorite day of the week and the college center became my favorite place to be.

College Dreams also gave me the opportunity to grow as a student through the different trips I went on and the different programs that were available to me because of College Dreams. I visited the Capitol in Salem, Oregon Institution of Technology, Willamette University, and Western Oregon University. With every campus visit, attending a four-year university, possibly away from home, became more of a reality. Through College Dreams, I also had the opportunity to practice my interview skills, fix my resume to find a job, and take a fun finance course in which I learned so much. Receiving feedback on my interview skills and on cover letters, my resume, and scholarship essays were just a few of the things Brenda and Jen did for me. With the help of College Dreams I was not only able to find a job my senior year, but I was also chosen as a Ford Scholar.

Now that I am in college, addition to paying for textbooks and school supplies, this last fall I was able to see the world and learn so much through my study abroad voyage with the help of my Dream$avers account. Nowadays that I live away from home most of my contact with College Dreams is through the amazing Quin. After flooding her with all kinds of questions the past two years I am 100% positive College Dreams hires the best of the best.

Brenda, Jen, Quin, Tom, Judie, and all of the College Dreams will always hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you so much College Dreams!

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