The harder I work the luckier I get!


This month’s Alumni in the Spotlight is:

Thorn Svendsen

Thorn Svendsen

Thorn Svendsen

North Valley High School

2007 - Valedictorian

Colorado School of Mines

Chemical Engineering


During my time in Middle School and High School in Southern Oregon, I grew to love the College Dreams program and staff.  Tom, Judie, Chris, Rebecca, and all the rest of the team that have come and gone left a imprint of empowerment.  They instilled in me and my classmates an enthusiasm around achievement, and gave us recognition for the tasks we performed.  They made it desirable to be competitive, and through them we were constantly seeking scholarships, performing community service, and generally making ourselves more marketable, as well as having an impact on our community.  Every time I hear a successful person quote "The harder I work, the luckier I get", I flash back to the college dreams awards shows, outings and relationships that I built.  It is difficult to express what a profound role this group plays in our community, but suffice it to say that they have my support for life, and have earned my friendship on a personal level as well.

Lots has changed, but I still try to stop by when I am visiting!  I attended Colorado School of Mines (with the help of several scholarships), met Chelsey (a mechanical and electrical engineer), graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering, got an amazing job, got married, have a dog, bought a house, and have been generally loving life.  I am now a financial advisor, and I choose to work with several hundred engineers and people from math/science backgrounds all across the US, designing comprehensive financial plans and providing investments and insurances to help them achieve their most important goals.   I was the 4th most successful intern to full time conversion across the country the year I graduated, and now I run the college internship program, have my own staff, and my business is growing every year.  On the personal side, I am still a huge geek, and I love electronics, video games, board games, and the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  Thanks in part to the folks in College Dreams, I am living THE dream right now!  I would love to give back on a personal level with anyone who is looking into a math/science degree program, please feel free to ask College Dreams how to get in contact with me!

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